The Apache Offroad Heavy Duty Dual Jerry Can Mount was designed to take the headache out of retrieving your fuel and/or water cans from the roof rack while on the trail. Our mounting system allows for the Jerry Can mount to be installed without removing the rack from the vehicle.

Constructed out of 1/8″ Steel and Built to last- Our Dual Jerry Can Mount is the strongest on the market!

Our Jerry Can Mount gives you the option to carry either one or two 5 gallon fuel cans. The Mount is designed to fit Wavian Jerry Cans. Other Brands of NATO cans may or may not fit securely, Cans with externally welded seams will not fit our holder.

There are no loose parts or braces to unscrew. The cans are securely held in place by metal strap, that blocks access to the fuel spout when locked via a lockable hasp; and the rear is hinged to prevent the strap from separating from the Mount while the cans are removed.

The Mount Fits all Apache Roof Rack Kits Available.

Unlike other Fuel Holders on the market; our mount has raised sides to restrict movement of the cans while locked in the mount, and to prevent tipping.

Our Products are proudly crafted in the USA and are over engineered to handle the extremities of the Off-Road environment.

The Jerry Can Mount comes in a Satin Black Powder Coated Finish.

Dual Jerry Can Mount
Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware