2015 to 2018 Ford F-150 TRAIL MASTERS 6.0 Inch Knuckle Suspension Lift Kit with NGS Shocks (Nitrogen Gas Charged)


Part Number: T/MTM419N

Fits 2015 to 2018 Ford F-150
Kit includes Nitogren Gas Charged shocks for improved performance
6 Inch Lift in the Front using Steel Spacers
5 Inch Lift in the Rear using Lift Blocks
All Trailmaster kits include a Lifetime Warranty
California Residents: WARNING
The Trail Master 6″ lift for 2014-2017 FORD F150 pickups easily clears 35X12:50 tires and provides exceptional value at an unbelievable price. Heavy-duty steel front strut spacers provide a full 6″ of lift, and CNC machined cast ductile steering knuckles ensure proper steering geometry and alignment. Front and rear high clearance crossmembers, a differential skid plate and robust differential mounts keep the front diff in place and vibration free without increasing the front track width. 5″ rear lift is achieved via a cast rear lift block that maintains the OE-style bump pad to ensure proper operation while towing, offroading or during daily commutes. Trail Master Nitrogen Charged Gas (NGS) shocks are provided for the rear and driveshaft spacers are included along with easy to follow instructions. Get the look you want and the ride you deserve with Trail Master.